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football 2Who can play?
Anyone with a disability.

Teams consist of six players and must include one female and one quadriplegic participant. The Field is 60 yards by 22 yards with 8 yards at each end zone. 1st Down marker lines are drawn every 15 yards. Games are played in 2 - 20 minute halves with 10 minutes for halftime. Scoring a Touchdown is 6 points.

An Extra Point can football 1either be 1 point for Passing or 2 points for Running it in. Play ends when the player with the ball is tackled when they are touched with 1 hand above the waist including the arm and hand. The play is stopped when it touches the ground. There are no fumbles. 1st Down is achieved when 15 yards are reached with 5 downs. All other NFL Rules apply for penalties.




>>Click Here to view a diagram of the an official Wheelchair Football field layout.



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