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Written by Ryan M. Bright

Photos by Michael A. Clubine

FLUSHING, NY – Many US Open athletes compete at the USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center, New York, with the thought that they could win, but only half have earned the right to keep playing for the trophy. The Wheelchair Quad's Singles Semifinals jumped into a wave of emotion with Lucas Sithole (RSA) vs. David Wagner (Chula Vista, CA). It began with Wagner taking a 3­0 lead, but when it seemed like Sithole was out, he bounced back 4­3. Sithole won the set and match 7­5; 2­6; 6­3.

Women's Singles Quaterfinalists, Jiske Griffoen (NED) vs. Sabine Ellerbrock (GER), is a repeat match from the 2013 US Open finals where Griffoen won it all. Now, Ellerbrock has returned to beat Griffoen. Ellerbrock took the majority of the sets to 40 points, but couldn't bring it through to a game per both of the sets. Jiske Griffoen won the match 6­1; 6­1.

A mid­day game had Yui Kamiji (JPN; 1) vs. Sharon Walraven (NED) battling head­to­head in this Women's Singles Quaterfinal. It was a battle of age with Walraven in her 40's and Kamiji in her 20's. In the end, Kamiji took the world by storm, leaving Walraven in the dark. Kamiji pounded out a 6­1; 6­3 win.

The last match of the night was Shingo Kunieda (JPN; 1) vs. Michael Jeremiasz (FRA). Much like Jiske vs. Sabine, this match had many points that were 40­40 with quite a few advantages. However, Jeremiasz hit some balls into the net and Kunieda stayed strong, bringing this Men's Singles Quaterfinals to a Kunieda win, 6­1; 6­1. This pushes along the No. 1 contender to next level.

Other Men's Singles Quaterfinal wins of the day included Nicolas Peifer (FRA) triumphant over Maikel Scheffer (NED) at 2­6; 6­1; 6­1; Joachim Gerard (BEL) victorious over Stephane Houdet (FRA; 2) at 6­3; 6(5)­7(7); 5­7 pushing out No. 2 from semifinal contention; Gustavo Fernandez (ARG) prevailing over Gordon Reid (GBR) at 6­4; 3­6; 6­3.

Other Women's Singles Quaterfinals scores of the day included Aniek Van Koot (NED; 2) winning over Kgothatso Montjane (RSA) at 6­2; 6­0; and Marjolein Buis (NED) winning over Jordanne Whiley at 6­1; 6­4.

The other Quad Semifinal match had Andy Lapthorne (GBR) winning over Nick Taylor (Wichita, KS), 6­4; 6­3.

The Wheelchair Quad Singles take place Friday, September 5, with Lucas Sithole vs. Andy Lapthorne on Court 5, which will possibly further Sithole's chance to go to the finals. Also, David Wagner vs. Nicholas Taylor will be on Court 4. On the same courts,Women's Singles Semifinals will have Yui Kamiji vs. Jiske Griffoen and Marjolein Buis vs. Aniek Van Koot, respectively. Again, on the same courts, there will be Shingo Kunieda vs. Nicolas Peifer and Gustavo Fernandez vs. Stephane Houdet.

On Court 5, there will be Women's Doubles Semifinals with Kamiji/Whiley vs. Ellerbrock/Montjane and a Men's Doubles Semifinals with Houdet/Kunieda vs. Fernandez/Gerard. On Court 4, there will a similar listing of events where there will be Women's Buis/Walraven vs. Griffoen/Van Koot and Men's Jeremiasz/Peifer vs. Reid/Scheffers.

About the Author: Ryan M. Bright is a member of the Sports ‘n Spokes and Wheelchair Sports Federation media team reporting on events at 2014 US Open in Flushing, New York.  The all-volunteer media team consists of professional writers and photographers who are donating their time and expertise to showcase the athleticism of disabled U.S. athletes and highlight their world class achievements in wheelchair tennis.  Partnering with Sports ‘n Spokes, the Wheelchair Sports Federation is a non-profit organization that provides opportunities for the disabled and wheelchair using adults and youth to play sports recreationally and competitively.  For more information, visit

 PHOTO CAPTIONS: Photos by Michael A. Clubine 

1st Picture - Lucas Sithole (RSA) competes at the 2014 US Open in Wheelchair Quad Singles: Round 1

 2nd Picture - Jiske Griffioen (NED) competes at the 2014 US Open in Wheelchair Women's Singles: Round 1

 3rd Picture - Nick Taylor (USA) competes at the 2014 US Open in Wheelchair Quad Singles: Round 1

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