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Written by John Hamre   

Bulova Nets (NJ) wins 2011 New England Blazers Memorial Wheelchair Basketball Tournament


The NY Nets, Nassau Kings, Bulova Nets went to the Brockton (MA) VA to play each other along with the NEPVA Celtics and the New England Blazers Wheelchair Basketball Teams.


Hosted by the New England Blazers the weekend of Dec 10 – 11, 2011. When the weekend was over, the Bulova Nets were crowned the Champions. Bulova won all 4 of their games with ease. They started off by beating the two teams from Massachusetts then went on to beat their cross town rivals, The NY Nets and the Nassau Kings.

All tournament team honors went to David Deas (NY Nets), Chris St. Remy (Nassau Kings), Paul Ward (Bulova Nets), Steve Yedlock (Bulova Nets), Chris Kile (Bulova Nets), Bryan Melo (NE Blazers), Joe LeMar and Steve Davis (NEPVA Celtics). Joe Mendez (NY Nets) took home the Sportsmanship Award and Chris St. Remy (Nassau Kings) took home the MVP.


NEPVA Celtics 42  vs  Bulova Nets 58
NEPVA Celtics 66  vs  NY Nets 22
NE Blazers 30  vs  Nassau Kings 54
NY Nets 23  vs  Bulova Nets 79
NEPVA Celtics 61  vs  Nassau Kings 57 (OT)
NE Blazers 21  vs  Bulova Nets 67
NY Nets 40  vs  Nassau Kings 57
NE Blazers 43  vs  NY Nets 33
Bulova Nets 69  vs  Nassau Kings 30
NE Blazers 42  vs  NEPVA Celtics 44

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