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North Jersey Navigators win in Iowa Print E-mail
Written by Jimmy Cuevas   


The North Jersey Navigators have an outstanding performance at the 2014 National Junior Disability Championships (NJDC) in Iowa.  12 athletes went to the NJDC and the team netted a record 131 medals (104 Gold, 20 Silver, and 7 Bronze).  They set 23 new national records; and once again placed first on the Large Team category.  This is the result of all our hard work; dedication and commitment to the North Jersey Navigators Paralympic Sport Program.  


In addition, four athletes and one member of the Navigators staff were selected as members of the USA Junior Team that participated at the 2014 IWAS World Junior Games in Stoke Mandeville, UK, August 2-7.  The Navigators athletes participating at the 2014 IWAS World Junior Games collectively won 7 Medals (5 Gold and 2 Bronze).   The coaching staff is extremely pleased with the way our team continues to improve and excel in adaptive sports and we are very proud of our accomplishments competing at national and International levels.

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Wheelchair Tennis Tournament in NY Has Record Turnout Print E-mail
Written by Administrator   
94 Contestants from Around the World Compete in Queens

Written by Ryan Bright

QUEENS, NY – The Wheelchair Sports Federation and United States Tennis Association hosted the 14th Annual Jana Hunsaker Memorial Wheelchair Tennis Tournament on June 5th through June 8th, bringing people from around the world including France, Japan, Canada, and USA. It took place at the Billie Jean King National Tennis Center in Flushing Meadows Corona Park, Queens, New York, where 94 contestants came in hopes of becoming champions.

In the Men's A Singles, the unseeded Russel Rodriguez (Nashville, TN) came into this tournament and knocked out the 2nd and 4th seeded players with identical 6-1; 6-2 victories. In the finals, Cristobal Rivera (Valley Stream, NY), the 1st seed, nearly ended Rodriguez's winning streak, but Rodriguez won by giving hits with heavy top spin and some that were over the head to bring the match to a 6-2; 6-1 victory.
The Women's Open Singles finals had Dana Mathewson (San Diego, CA), the 3rd seed, post up against Marianne Page (Payson, UT), 1st seed. Although Mathewson gets nervous playing Singles, she said, she laid down smooth serves that knocked out her opponent giving her a 6-2; 7-5 victory.
In the Louis Armstong Stadium, Men B Singles player, Victor Vaughn (Nashville, TN), and his prized Prince racquet went in to battle Jose Gomez (Royal Palm Beach, FL), who was unseeded, but still made it to the finals. Gomez gave a good effort, but the 1st seed, Vaughn, won it with 6-3; 6-4 victory. When Vaughn was questioned later about playing Gomez, he said "I thought [Jose] was going to beat me."

Players who won Men's C, D, Open, and Open Singles-second draw were Sunil Patel (Tallahassee, FL), Kei Usami (Darien, CT), Thomas Vinatier (Nantes, France), and Michael Foulkes (Petaluma, CA), respectively.  The Quad Open Singles winner was the top seed, Bryan Barten (Tucson, AZ). In Men's A Doubles, unseeded Atif Moon (Rancho Palos Verdes, CS)/ Russell Rodriguez knocked out the 2nd seed, Patrick Donaghey (Elkview, WV)/Kevin Green (Saint Louis, MO), in a tie-breaker. In Doubles for Men's B, C, and D, Wayne Bennet (Denver, CO)/Ricardo Corral (East Elmhurst, NY), Nathan Melnyk (Centerport, NY)/Jose Mendez (Brentwood, NY), and Johnny Tejada (Flushing, NY)/Kei Usami were top winners and in Men's Open Doubles, Phillipe Bedard (Quebec City, NM)/Joel Dembe (Toronto, ON) were top winners. In the Quad Open Doubles, the 1st seed, Gary Luker (Ancaster, ON)/Robert Shaw (Ontario, NM) defeated the 2nd seed, Bryan Barten/Kevin Whalen (Oneida, NY). In Women's Open Doubles Karolina Lingyte (Northport, AL)/Dana Mathewson came out on top.

The Wheelchair Sports Federation is a volunteer run non-profit organization that provides opportunities for adults and youth with disabilities to play sports recreationally and competitively.  For more information and photos, visit www.WheelchairSportsFederation.org<http://www.wheelchairsportsfederation.org>.
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New at WheechairGear.com Print E-mail
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New Mobility - written by Mark Smith

“If these mobility related accessories are any sign of what’s to come, it should be a great year for wheelchair users”

No matter if you use a manual wheelchair, power chair, or scooter, WheelchairGear has a backpack to meet your need with its wheelchair backpacks. Rather than a backpack that awkwardly hangs on the back of one’s wheelchair, WheelchairGear has a backpack for your needs. All the wheelchair backpacks feature an exclusive , highly-adjustable mounting system that allows the backpack’s to neatly hang on the rear of your chair. Also each wheelchair backpack has a matching “Mini-Pack’ that attaches to the front of your wheelchair for unequaled convenience and accessibility (carry your wallet-cell phone). The wheelchair backpacks are constructed of water-resistant PVC-backed nylon, and available in black, blue/gray and camouflage. If these mobility related accessories are any sign of what’s to come, it should be a great year for wheelchair users.
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NY Knicks Win Wheelchair Basketball National Championship Print E-mail
Written by Administrator   

Westchester Independent Living Center

New York ROLLIN' KNICKS ---- National Wheelchair Basketball Association Champions


White Plains NY – The NY Rollin' Knicks beat four time champions, the Dallas Mavericks, 76-53 to take the National Wheelchair Basketball Association championship in Louisville, Kentucky.  To watch the game go to: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZiDaCVEBkJM&list=TLRDIdbbMnMj5bQj_P9aVUelk27nuVfOve 


Co-sponsored by the New York KNICKS/Madison Square Garden, Westchester Independent Living Center (WILC) and the Wheelchair Sports Federation the team went undefeated this year. Assistant coach, player, and WILC Executive Director Joe Bravo pointed out how well the team performed all season and that it all came together for them to beat the number one team. 


For Bravo wheelchair basketball has been a life changing experience.  He started playing at 19, and it was the first time he met another person with paralysis. “It was my first exposure to a peer. Johnny Johnson was 26, a Vietnam vet, and a paraplegic, a man who was disabled and able” Bravo continued “I suddenly had exposure to men who worked, had girlfriends, went out and did things. It changed my world.” 


Current team members range in age from 16-59. It’s a rough and tumble game with players having to propel their chair and shoot baskets. Every team member has a mobility disability running the gamut from amputation to paraplegia. A classification system is used to determine the mix of players on the court at any given time. The game is played on a regulation court with very few modifications in the rules.


Bravo played for a team throughout college and continued while building his career as a disabilities advocate at WILC and its Putnam County satellite Putnam Independent Living Services (PILS). He pointed out that there are more opportunities for athletes now with some colleges and universities offering Adapted Athletics Programs. In fact, one of the NY Rollin’ Knicks junior players, Fabrizio Shao, recently received a partial basketball scholarship to the University of Arizona. 


Head Coach Gerry Fleming and Bravo encourage the juniors (as the new players are called), engage them in the competitive sport, and help them to develop teamwork and cooperation, skills which can be transferred to other areas of life including employment, independent living and self-sufficiency. The established members of the team become, in effect, mentors of the young men helping them develop their skills and athleticism.


Coach Fleming volunteers his time and expertise. His players live and practice in the New York metropolitan area but travel throughout the country for tournaments, with an average age of 35 for the starting players. This year Patrick Anderson and David Eng, former Canadian national team players, joined the team. Anderson scored an impressive 32 points in the final game. 


An ongoing challenge for the team is sponsorship. Basketball wheelchairs are expensive as is the travel required. WILC recently received a Quality of Life Grant from the Dana and Christopher Reeve Foundation to help purchase two sports wheelchairs. With proper support and comfort, and a lighter, stronger design the chairs allow a player to move down court quickly and absorb some of the rough contact inherent in the sport. New York Rollin’ Knicks players are strong accomplished individuals and now, national champs. For more information call 914.682.3926 extension 2103


Photo attached - Players:

From Left to Right, bottom row first -

First Row:  David Snowden, Jr., Isaiah Moore, Fabrizio Shao, Jason Soricelli, Assistant Coach Joe Bravo, Marcos Taveras


Back Row:  Chad Sussman, David Eng, Mr. Anderson, Edwin Lopez, Head Coach Gerry Fleming (holding the trophy), Christopher St. Remy, Kyle Jankowski, Faizool Ali, Patrick Anderson, Kevin Grant




About Westchester Independent Living Center

WILC is a nonprofit, community-based; consumer directed organization dedicated to improving the lives of people with disabilities and has a 30 year history of providing information, services, advocacy, technical assistance, and trainings in the Lower Hudson Valley Region to diverse and/or underserved populations.  WILC's mission is two-pronged:  to assist individuals with disabilities become as independent as they can be and 2) to work within the community to provide education, disability awareness, and advocacy for the removal of barriers. The programs and services offered are designed by, directed by, and, in most cases, delivered by individuals with a wide range of disabilities. Although the bulk of the services are based in Westchester and Putnam, we also serve Dutchess, Orange, Sullivan, Rockland and Ulster Counties.  Core services include benefits advisement, information and referral, community outreach.


Visit www.wilc.org or call 914.682.3926 for more information.

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Closing Ceremony for Sochi Paralympics Print E-mail
Written by Administrator   


An End for Sochi and the Paralympic Games in 2014

Written by Matthew Gephart and Picture by Katie Harris

SOCHI, Russia – In a spectacle of light and sound, the Paralympics of Sochi 2014 has come to a close in the same manner it has endured during the weeks of competition, sensational.  

The anticipation began as volunteers took the stage to form a perimeter of smiles and dance, inviting all the athletes on the floor to take their seats for the exhibition that was about to be fore taken.  As each country came to take its place, spectators invited them as they had all week during competition.  

An elaborate dance number was arranged using wheelchairs and light to start, synchronizing moves around center stage.  Those in wheelchairs were then joined by dangling acrobats where spinning and flipping became a demonstration of light, forming a harmonized flow of display between numerous aerialists.

Vladimir Putin and Sir Phillip Craven, President of the Russian Federation and President of the International Paralympic Committee, had taken their seats as the Russian flag was raised in memorandum of the games that took place here in Sochi.  The Russian State Children’s Chorus Assembly presented the national anthem while Russian spectators sang along from their seats.

As we learned the theme for the evening of ‘I’mPossible,’ the elaborate dance numbers and song had captivated all as they watched.  

Including the theme of Tetris and blocks forming a mini Tetris match on stage which ended with a ‘Game Over’ projection, the blocks were then raised to reveal the word Impossible above center stage.  

After an enduring stunt of rope climbing by Aleksey Chuvashev, straight from wheelchair to Tetris block, a feat which ended with an extended reach and transition to form the apostrophe making Impossible, I’mPossible.  In bright Technicolor, I’mPossible was the apparent premise of the night, bridging the gap between being impaired and enduring through adaptive sports, just as the athletes have proven time and time again during the events in Sochi.  The strength and courage that it takes for each and every athlete to be where they are today was shown gracefully and vigorously through this one act of valor that was undertaken by Chuvashev climbing seventy five feet into the air.

Next, volunteers and special athletes were acknowledged during a dance movement showing the Paralympics symbol and a heart, adhering to the celebration of those whose exceptional endeavors and commitments captured the hearts and minds of many.

The presentation of the Korean flag was a special time where the torch was passed onto the next winter games to take place in PyeongChang in 2018.  With a short segment from the South Korean ensemble showing the perseverance of an artist who has prosthetic  arms, painting a large mural on center stage while dancers in traditional fashion were strewn about around him.  The pure determination was enough to keep all eyes fixated on the presentation at hand, giving an outlook into what to expect from PyeongChang in another four years.

Following speeches from Deputy Prime Minister of Russia, Dmitriy Kozak, and President of the IPC, Sir Phillip Craven, the Paralympic flame was extinguished in center stage as Craven declared the games official closed for Sochi in 2014. As the ‘Paralympic Chorus’ had rung out once again from the Russian State Children’s Chorus Assembly and other international singers, then began the joyful finale of the evenings cast, in a frivolous celebration of the games that had taken place, and the accomplishments of the athletes.

About the Author: Matthew Gephart is a member of the Wheelchair Sports Federation media team reporting on events at the 2014 Paralympic Games in Sochi, Russia.  The all-volunteer media team consists of professional writers and photographers who are donating their time and expertise to showcase the athleticism of disabled U.S. athletes and highlight their world class achievements in adaptive sports.  Some members of the media team are former Paralympians and wheelchair users/amputees. The Wheelchair Sports Federation is a non-profit organization that provides opportunities for the disabled and wheelchair-bound adults and youth to play sports recreationally and competitively.  For more information, visit www.WheelchairSportsFederation.org.
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