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Written by John Hamre   
United States Power Soccer Association 
Special Announcement!
June 24 , 2012




Dear Members and Friends of Team USA,


Chris Finn, Head Coach for Team USA, 2007 & 2011, has issued a challenge to all persons related or affiliated with the USPSA.

The time has come. Despite our many efforts to bring attention to our national team and their two World Cup wins, we continue to struggle with a lack of response.

Though we were recognized with a formal letter from President Obama, we believe the team/s deserve a trip to the White House, just like every other national championship team. 

Chris Finn has begun a campaign to bring awareness to the White House on a daily basis. It is now time for all of your voices to chime in. We hope that you will please accept this challenge.

We ask you to do this...

Please send the email message below or compose your own and send it to the White House this week. Continue each week until we have received an invitation. 

Dear Mr. President,

Our National Team for the US Power Soccer Association has won two World Cups. One in 2007, Tokyo, Japan and most recent, Paris, France, 2011. The only US Team to have won back to back championship titles. We are most proud of our national team.

Would you please honor them by inviting the team to the White House to celebrate their accomplishments like all the other world champions you host? They deserve to be recognized by you.


Your Name
Team Affiliation

We hope that you will take this challenge. Simple click on the link below and then copy and paste the message into the "message box on the page. 

or feel free to send a snail mail to...

President Obama
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20500

Thank you for your time and efforts to help get the recognition Team USA and power soccer deserves.
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