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Written by John Hamre   
The 17th Annual Al Youakim Wheelchair Basketball Tournament came to a conclusion on Saturday January 7, 2012 after the tournament was postponed on Sunday October 30th, 2011 due to an unexpected snow storm
that knocked out power in the Hackensack NJ area.

The first round of games made it through until the snow started to accumulate late on Saturday 29th, 2011 at the Hackensack Middle School, Hackensack, NJ.

The 5 Wheelchair Basketball Teams that attended were the Bulova Nets (NJ), New York Nets (NY), New England Blazers (MA), New York Rollin Knicks (NY) and Nassau Kings (NY).

The first day results were from Saturday October 29th, 2011 – 9:00 am to 6:30 pm

9:00 am Bulova Nets 56 v. Nassau Kings 64
10:15 am New York Nets 39 v. New England Blazers 26
11:30 pm New England Blazers 16 v. New York Rollin Knicks 56
12:45 pm New York Rollin Knicks 81 v. Nassau Kings 76
2:00 pm Bulova Nets 72 v New York Nets 18
3:15 pm New York Nets 26 v. New York Rolling Knicks 74
4:30 pm Bulova Nets 48 v. New York Rollin Knicks 71 (played at NYC Mayor's Cup - Dec 2011)

Played at other times and places:
New England Blazers 30 v. Nassau Kings 54 (played at NE Blazers Tournament Dec 2011)
New York Nets 31 v. Nassau Kings 52 (played at NYC Mayor's Cup Dec 2011)
Bulova Nets 67 v. New England Blazers 21 (played at NE Blazers
Tournament Dec 2011) - 3rd Place Game
New York Rollin Knicks 62 v. Nassau Kings 41 - Championship Game

Since Sunday October 30th, 2011 was cancelled due to the sudden storm, the games were played at other sites over a couple of months which ended on Saturday January 7, 2012 with the NY Rolling Knicks playing
the Nassau Kings for the Championship. The Knicks and Kings played it close in the first half but then pushed ahead and won by a score of 62 to 41.

Final Standings:

1st Place - NY Rolling Knicks
2nd Place - Nassau Kings
3rd Place - Bulova Nets
4th Place - NY Nets
5th Place - New England Blazers

All Stars

Class I - Dave Deas - NY Nets
Class I - Jess Markt - NY Rollin Knicks
Class II - Adam Cruz - Nassua Kings
Class II - Paul Ward - Bulova Nets
Class III - Edy Lopez - NY Rollin Knicks
Class III - Chris Kile - Bulova Nets

Most Valuable Player - Christopher St. Remy - Nassau Kings

Freddy Jones Sportsmanship Award - Tony Fitzgerald - Nassau Kings

Al Youakim Spirit Award - Terry

Thanks to all of our volunteers and supporters for making this one of the oldest and most consistently run Wheelchair Basketball Tournament in the United States. For more information please contact John Hamre
at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
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